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 Savings Calculator 

Use the convenient Savings Calculator below to determine the kind of savings Automated Manager can provide for your office in both time and money.

*Please note that this calculator only calculates time saved by the manager and does not take into account the additional savings realized by reducing the time spent on these items by employees other than your office manager.  An example of this is the amount of time it takes an employee to switch a shift; they might take 15 minutes to walk around the office talking to everyone that might be able to switch with them before they even take the time to go ask the manager.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the data for your office in the top 4 boxes without commas or dollar signs - then click the Calculate button to see your savings

Your Manager's Salary Per Month


Manager's Total Hours Worked Per Month

Number of Employees On Payroll

Number Of Providers


Average Time (min) Saved Per Month With Automated Manager

Total Time Saved (Min)
With AM


Confirming timesheets calculations (per staff member)


Calculating over time (per staff member)
Calculating statutory holidays and eligibility (per staff member)
Tracking vacation (per staff member)
Tracking sick days (per staff member)

Implementing shift trades (Per staff member)


Manipulating staff schedules (Per staff member)
Scheduling Creating scheduling reports (per staff member)


Notifying staff of schedule changes (per staff member)
Confirming staffing levels (per staff member)


Assigning and tracking tasks (cleaning filters, spores testing, stocking, etc.) (Per staff member)


Budgeting Confirming staffing budget levels (per staff member )


Reporting & Providers Creating and approving cheques (per Provider)


Approving and tracking write-offs (per provider)
Creating reports (per provider)


Total Projected Savings With Automated Manager [Hours Per Month]

Total Projected Savings With Automated Manager [Dollars Per Month]*


Total Projected Savings With Automated Manager [Hours per year]

Total Projected Savings With Automated Manager [Dollars per year]*


Automated Manager

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