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Year to Date Report

Ever wonder how your year is going in relation to past years? Are you ahead? Behind? No clue? Automated Manager is here to help with our newest report, the Year to Date Report. With this report, it becomes easy to tell where you're at for the year. A three year comparison shows you [...]

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Associate Payment Report

When a dentist finds themselves swamped with patients, associates are a great way to both increase a practice's profitability, as well as relieve stress all around. However, for the dental manager, associates present their own unique set of challenges - not the least of which is paying them. There's enough factors associated with paying an [...]

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Staffing Cost Reports

Ever wonder about the total cost of wages that you are paying out to your staff? Not eager to whip out the calculator and spend long hours crunching the numbers? Great!, because with Automated Manager's newest report, wondering about staffing costs has gone the way of the dinosaur. Part of what makes Automated Manager so unique [...]

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Automatic Shift Modification

We're proud to announce our latest feature, the Automatic Shift Modification tool. This tool is aimed at sparing office managers the arduous task of re-entering any shifts that have changed, whether it be via incorrect entry, or a change in scheduling. It functions very similarly to the Automatic Shift Application Tool, and is located just [...]

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Welcome to the Blog!

Hi Everyone! We are excited to have added a blog section to the site - your one-stop shop for everything that's new and exciting with Automated Manager. We plan on using this space to keep you all updated with regards to recent developments, upgrades, new features, and events sponsored by the program. Check back often [...]

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