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About Us

Automated Manager was created 10 years ago as an in-house database for one of North America’s largest dental practices located in Calgary, Alberta.  With the direction of a new Office Manager reducing time consuming manual tasks such as; payroll calculations, staff scheduling, and reporting functions, was the number one priority.   The Office Manager and the Owner of the dental practice hired a couple programmers to work with their ideas and develop a tool that would help them with the day to day operations of the office.

The creation of Automated Manager took place over a 4 year period.  Gradually complexity was added over the following years such as combining payroll, scheduling and reporting functions per employee to determine true productivity levels, adding communication functions, task assignment, office manual, etc.

Automated Manager then paired itself with Dental Management Secrets, a consulting company based out of Calgary, Alberta geared towards dental offices.  With this partnership Automated Manager increased its client base by, bringing new ideas and initiatives to the table.

As our companies grew we had noticed the demand for such a tool, in other industries outside the dental world.  The functions that Automated Manager brings to the table can be utilized in any/all office settings.  We are now expanding our horizons by introducing our software to other businesses and office across North America.

We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and invite you and your team to join our growing network of clients.

Thank you,

Dr. David Robertson

#30 - 1221 Canyon Meadows Drive S.E. Calgary, AB T2J 6G2 • Phone: (403) 984-0114

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