Yes, any computer with a connection to the internet including iPads and smart phones.

No. You simply go online, enter your password and you are in the program.

Yes. This means that instead of installing software on your computer, the entire program and all your data is stored on a series of secure, gigantic servers off site. That way your data is always safe no matter whether your computer crashes or burns in a fire. And you don’t need to boost your server capacity to handle the additional load.

Yes. It has the same security level as banking or government sites. This is one of the advantages of working on the cloud; it is all at the highest security level.

No. All of the functions are intuitive and easy to learn.

In most offices, the employees do not like to try anything new. But once it is in place they would never want to go back. The whole office becomes more organized, which they love, plus they can access their schedule, make vacation requests and add shifts from home or from anywhere.

Yes. This program works completely independently of any existing office software. For some of the reporting, we have your existing software export data into the program.

Yes. Our servers do hourly backups and since the data is stored away from your office in the cloud, it is safe at all times no matter what happens to your office or your computer.

Yes. As long as you have internet access. We have had people using the software from the beach in Mexico on their iPhone and even doing a full payroll run from Disneyland on holidays.

Yes, any device that can access the internet through a browser will be able to operate the Automated Manager.

It was an in-house creation of one of North America’s largest dental practices. In order to fight the paperwork war, they eliminated time consuming manual tasks such as payroll calculations, staff scheduling and reporting functions one by one by automating them. The office manager and owner hired a programmer to implement these improvements. It took place over a 4 year period. Gradually sophistication was added such as combining payroll, scheduling and reporting functions per employee to determine true productivity levels, adding communication functions, task assignment, office manual, etc.

No. The functionality of Automated Manager relates to all types of businesses including dentistry. It is already successfully in use in physiotherapy/physical therapy offices, call centers, nursing homes, storage facilities, etc with more being added all the time.

Depending on the package that you choose, there may be a set up fee for your system.  We will always have an option for you to set up your own system with no Administration fees.

No. We train you at no charge.

All active databases will be backed up regularly, which is part of all of our service packages.  If you decide to leave Automated Manager there may be an Administration fee to continue to back up your data, in the event you need to access it in the future.

No. Everyone gets all upgrades for free. And we install them so there is nothing to do on your end.

All of the service packages include; training, system back ups, live updates and system maintenance.  No additional fees would be incurred.

You simply pay one low monthly fee which includes use of the program, initial training, on-going support, continual upgrades, and secure storage of all your data.

We have no plans to raise our prices at this time and we will need to remain competitive in order to continue to attract new customers. You can however lock in the current rate for up to 5 years if you like.

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